Feral and wildlife populations are difficult and costly to manage humanely and at scale. There’s one company up to the challenge. WPM

The WPM Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System

The WPM Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System is a patented, groundbreaking approach to achieving population goals in wild and feral animals in the most humane, safe and efficient manner possible, one that preserves species and habitats. Our patented system is designed to deliver vaccines and contraceptives, monitor health, track locations, and capture critical data on individual animals and their management.

The Technology Behind WPM’s Patented System

The Hub

The core of the WPM system is the Hub, a high-tech command center that attracts the targeted species with their preferred feed. Most animals are comfortable with the Hub in 24 hours.


WPM’s cameras capture every angle of the animal to identify gender, support and verify RFID microchip and vaccine delivery. All video is recorded, stored and available for download.


Animals are implanted with an RFID microchip while feeding in the Hub. The chip’s unique ID number enables data collection, individual tracking, health monitoring, and alerts for booster vaccines.

Vaccine Delivery

Birth control and other vaccines are delivered to the animal while in the Hub via a low velocity dart, which startles, but does not stop the animal from feeding. The darts are tethered for ease of disposal.

Solar + Satellites

The system is supported by solar power and satellite communications for 24/7 operability. Operators anywhere in the world can send commands and retrieve data and video remotely.

Facial Recognition

We are currently developing facial recognition technology for wild horses. This would be a less invasive, more cost-effective alternative to RFID chipping.

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We are a band of scientists, engineers, ranch managers, and outdoor enthusiasts who are dedicated to creating wildlife management solutions that respect all stakeholders, especially the animals.

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