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America’s free-roaming horse population is estimated to be as high as 300,000. Left alone, herds double every five years. Let’s do the math. By 2025, the U.S. could have 600,000 free-roaming horses. It’s a population that’s simply not sustainable.

The federal government knows it, too. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spends $88 million a year managing 90,000 horses. A recently approved appropriation had increased the budget to $109 million a year. The BLM’s acting director says it will take $5 billion over the next 15 years to get the wild horse population under control. 

The WPM Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System is ready to start now. And it won’t cost billions. Here’s what we offer current solutions don’t:

Our Remote System Is Safe and Humane. With our system, helicopters, ATVs, traps, trucks, and holding pens are not required. These costly and labor-intensive practices stress and even kill animals and are unsafe to those conducting the roundups.

We’re High-Tech and Hands-Off. Our solar-powered, satellite-enabled system is supported by the latest technology—video, RFID tracking, remote injections, and cloud-based databases. There’s typically no need for direct, in-person human interaction.

We’re Population Scale-able. WPM Hubs can be placed wherever target populations congregate, in remote rural or urban areas. One WPM Hub can handle entire herds as it only takes a single visit to vaccinate and microchip an animal.

We Collect and Report Data. As each animal is chipped, its identity number is entered into a national database. It can now be tracked, its health monitored and vaccination history kept. We also track an individual’s visits to a WPM Hub. Data is shared with customers to validate populations, verify vaccines, and support resource allocation and research. As an added benefit, we can help owners locate lost or stolen horses that have been chipped in the neck area should they visit a WPM Hub.

A Modern Service Model. The WPM system is managed by teams who monitor Hub activity and send commands for chipping and vaccines. Additionally, feed in the Hubs must be replenished. WPM offers both functions as a fee for service model. We will also train customers to perform these duties.

We Support Wild Horse Adoption. With videos, photos and individual horse IDs, WPM can easily support wild horse adoption programs. Potential buyers would have the option of pre-selecting a horse based on desired age, sex, color, and location. The horse would then be removed from their band when the adoption is completed.

WPM needs business, research, technical, and investment partners who can help us commercialize our humane, high-tech Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System. We invite you to connect with us here.

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