Passionate About Protecting Wild, Free-Roaming Animal Populations in a More Humane Manner? You Are Not Alone.

Wildlife Protection Management shares your passion. We exist because of our founder and ranch manager Roch Hart’s vision of finding a better, more humane way to manage the free-roaming horses in his care. His tenacity—he’s been at this for over a decade— led to the creation of our company and groundbreaking WPM Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System. Here’s how Roch explains it:

“Think of our system as a hands-off, walk-up clinic for animals that’s designed for a stress-free experience. As the horse approaches, a low-mounted camera determines its gender. Once in the Hub, unrestrained and and feeding, the horse is injected with an RFID microchip and a contraceptive, if appropriate. Because of the low velocity of the injections, the typical response is a mild flinch and return to feeding. The horse is now part of a national, species-specific database that allows us track location, monitor health, and provide alerts when a booster shot is needed. The system is solar-powered and with its satellite communications link, it can be placed among wild animal populations anywhere in the world, no matter how remote.”

WPM has successfully piloted the system with multiple bands of free-roaming horses in New Mexico for more than a year. Over 80,000 visits to the Hub by the horses have been documented. Some individuals have visited as many as 60 times. No stress. No force. Just free will and good feed. View a demo here>

WPM needs advocates like you to share information on our system with others like policymakers, land management agencies, veterinarians, researchers, and others who can help us bring our humane system into practice. Subscribe to our newsletter here. We also invite you to connect with WPM here.

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