U.S. Patent Office Issues Patent on WPM’s Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – – The hard work of Wildlife Protection Management (WPM) founders Roch Hart, Jonathan West, PhD, Jaime (Jim) Pulido has paid off. On November 26, 2019, the United States Patent Office issued U.S. Patent 485,643 to WPM’s Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System. The founders are listed as co-inventors on the patent.

The patent includes 20 claims pertinent to WPM’s system, which is designed to remotely deliver vaccines and RFID microchips to humanely manage feral animals and wildlife. Animals are attracted to a feeding hub where cameras are used to determine gender and orientation of the animal. These images are sent to a remote operator who determines whether or not to inject an animal. The system may include a temperature control system to maintain medications in a pre-selected temperature range. The system could also be used for domesticated animals such as cattle.

An example of how the WPM system will be used is the control of free-roaming horses. The system, which does not require human handling of the horses, is a safer, more cost effective alternative to labor-and resource-intensive roundups requiring helicopters, pens and people. WPM’s system will enable the injection RFID microchip into all horses and birth control agents into mares on a controlled and routine basis as well as the collection of data on the horses.

WPM CEO and Founder Roch Hart says the patent will protect the system intellectual property as WPM moves toward commercialization. “There is no other system in the world that delivers a comprehensive solution like ours that achieves population goals and does so in a way that is respectful of the animals and their habitat. As someone who has managed ranch lands and understands the issue of humane management, I am very excited to share our story and system with all parties with an interest in feral and wildlife management.”

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